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Tenancy Agreement Rolling Contract Notice

Tenancy Agreement Rolling Contract Notice

If you are a tenant in the United Kingdom renting a property, you will be required to sign a tenancy agreement with your landlord. This agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy.

One important aspect of a tenancy agreement is the notice period required for ending the tenancy. If you have a rolling contract, you will need to give notice in order to terminate the tenancy.

A rolling contract means that the tenancy agreement automatically renews at the end of each rental period, usually monthly or yearly. This type of agreement is often referred to as a periodic tenancy.

If you wish to end your tenancy on a rolling contract, you must give notice to your landlord. The notice period required will depend on the terms of your tenancy agreement, but it is typically one month.

To give notice, you must provide your landlord with a written letter or email stating that you wish to end your tenancy. It is important to include your name, the property address, the date you plan to move out, and your contact information.

Your landlord is also required to give notice if they wish to end the tenancy. If you have a rolling contract, your landlord must give you the same notice period as you are required to give them.

If your landlord fails to give you proper notice, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation will depend on the circumstances, but it is important to consult with a legal professional if you believe your landlord has acted unfairly.

In conclusion, if you have a rolling contract tenancy agreement, it is important to understand the notice period requirements for ending your tenancy. By giving proper notice, you can ensure a smooth transition out of your rental property and avoid any potential legal issues.

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